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Customs Expertise Rotterdam

Your customs specialist

Customs Expertise Rotterdam specializes in customs.
We provide a diverse range of customs solutions.


Customs clearance

Importing goods into the EU

When goods enter the EU and are intended for use within the Union, it is necessary to submit an import declaration to Customs. At CER, our dedicated team ensures your import declarations are accurately processed and submitted within the legal framework, to guarantee smooth and compliant settlement of duties and import.

Exporting goods outside the EU

For Union goods leaving the EU, an export declaration is required. As experts, our team handles your export declaration promptly and precisely, adhering to all regulatory requirements and guidelines.

Transit procedure

Non-union goods refer to goods that have not yet been granted free circulation status within the EU. To enable their movement from one point to another, you can choose to place them under the external transit procedure, commonly known as T1. On the other hand, union goods are goods that are already in free circulation within the EU, also known as T2. Whether you need a T1 for non-union goods or T2 for union goods, we are here to ensure a smooth movement of your goods.

Fiscal representation

For VAT purposes Customs Expertise Rotterdam collaborates with CER VAT BV, offering comprehensive tax representation services for VAT purposes in the Netherlands.

Tax representation with a restricted license

For businesses involved in importing goods and supplying them to companies in the Netherlands or other EU Member States, restricted tax representation also known as limited fiscal representation (LFR) is the perfect solution. LFR is designed for import and initial supplies after import, specifically for business-to-business (B2B) transactions. As the LFR, we handle VAT declarations, listing the intracommunity sales and intrastate declarations ensuring compliance and efficiency.

VAT warehousing

CER VAT can act as LFR for VAT warehousing purposes within the Netherlands.

Tax representation with a general licence

CER VAT BV can act as a general fiscal representative (GFR). With a GFR, your company gains its NL VAT number and can apply the defer scheme for import VAT. This allows you to warehouse and supply goods in free circulation including B2C supplies and 0% VAT purchases within the EU, You have the benefits of a Dutch-established company, with income tax remaining due in your country of establishment0.

Count on our expertise and dedication to navigate tax representation complexities and VAT matters, ensuring seamless and compliant operations for your business needs. Contact us for any assistance or inquiries; we are ready to provide tailored solutions.


For complex customs issues or guidance on optimizing your customs processes, our consultancy services are at your disposal. Trust us to be your reliable partner in all customs-related endeavors. Do not hesitate to contact us; our team is here to assist you.

About Customs Expertise Rotterdam

Welcome to Customs Expertise Rotterdam BV (CER), your independent customs agent based in Waalhaven, Rotterdam. As a young and dynamic company, we take pride in our team of motivated and experienced customs specialists.

At CER, we have years of knowledge of customs and related matters, and we prioritize understanding our customers’ unique needs while maintaining personal and efficient communication.

With the necessary customs licenses and customs software for import, export, and transit operations, we are fully equipped to serve our clients in the most effective and reliable manner possible.

It is with pride that we hold an esteemed AEO-C license, signifying that our processes have been tested and approved by Customs, establishing us as a trusted and dependable partner in the industry.


Customs Expertise Rotterdam

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